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What is In-Home Care?

People often confuse “Home Health Care” with “In-Home Care”.
While similar sounding, the focus of these two services differ greatly:

This type of service is medically-focused and must be prescribed by your doctor. Services provided include nursing and special therapies needed maintain a person’s health. Home Health Care is funded by Medicare, Mo HealthNet and private insurance.

While Home Health Care is focused on keeping people alive, In-Home Care’s focus is improving the quality of life. Services like personal care aides, housekeeping and nursing care for those whose health is not at stake but rather their independence. In-Home Care is what can keep you or your loved ones at home and out of a managed care facility.

Who benefits from In-Home Care?

The elderly, disabled persons and those living with chronic illnesses whose condition does not require the supervision of a physician to maintain their health. Candidates who don’t require help to stay alive… but rather to LIVE, independently in their own homes.